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Tiana Jax Guardian dog
Tiana Jax Guardian dog

This Beautiful Girl is ready for her Guardian Family.

If you are interested in becoming a Mill Creek Guardian Family, please contact us.

As a small home breeder of Australian Labradoodles and Bernedoodles, we do not believe in kenneling our dogs. The vast majority of our breeding dogs live in great family homes called Guardian Homes. Let us know if you are interested in having one of our top quality puppies live in your home…. Yes, it’s forever!

How It Works

We place a breeding quality puppy with a Guardian Family. The dog lives in your home forever. As part of our Guardian program, you take on a few responsibilities. During the duration of the contract, Doodles of Mill Creek retains ownership and breeding rights of the dog while the dog is in your possession.

What Expenses Are Involved in becoming A Guardian Home?

We pay for ALL breeding-related expenses which includes health testing. The Guardian Family is responsible for all the routine costs of raising a dog (routine vet visits, emergency vet visits, breeder-approved vaccinations, breeder-approved heart worm preventative, breeder-approved flea/tick preventative, and breeder-approved grooming). When the guardian dog’s breeding career is over, once the dog is spayed/neutered, the full deposit is refunded to the Guardian Family and ownership is transferred to the family.

Why Would I want to be a Guardian Family?

Benefits: The Guardian Program has many benefits for the Guardian Family, the breeder and the dog:

  • The cost for a guardian dog/puppy is a refundable deposit of $1,350.
  • The guardian puppy which is selected by the breeder is the ‘pick of litter’ both in temperament, health and structure.
  • The dog doesn’t need to be re-homed as an adult after retiring.
  • There is no need for the breeder to ever have to kennel any breeding dog.
  • The guardian dogs are well socialized and in good environments
  • Guardian families can schedule trips during whelping without having to pay for boarding

Do We Qualify As A Guardian Family?

  • Have a flexible schedule to get our puppy to testing & breeding appointments
  • Have a fully fenced yard for stimulation and safety
  • Plan on obedience classes for our puppy
  • Ensure our puppy is well socialized
  • Provide veterinary care for our puppy when needed
  • Feed a diet approved by the breeder
  • Notify breeder when our female begins each of her heat cycles
  • Will NOT not allow our female doodle around intact males during her cycle
  • Will NOT not allow our male doodle to breed other females!
  • Live within reasonable driving distance
  • Be interviewed by the breeder
  • Have lots of extra love and kisses to share with our puppy

Is The Guardian Program different for Males and Females?

Females: Females in guardian homes will have up to 3 litters for Mill Creek (5 puppies constitutes a litter). The family must notify us at the first sign of each of her heats. When the breeder determines it is time, she comes back to Mill Creek for breeding and about 6-7 weeks for whelping. Once her breeding career is over, she must be spayed and will continue to enjoy the wonderful life she has always enjoyed and the Guardian Family will receive their deposit back.

Males: Males are usually retained for about 6-7 years, but do not need to leave their families for long periods. Once their breeding career is over, he will be neutered and will enjoy the wonderful life he has always enjoyed and the Guardian Family will receive their deposit back.

If you qualify and are interested in learning more about becoming a Mill Creek Guardian Family, please contact us or complete our Puppy Application and mention becoming a Guardian Family.

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